TrombonistaThis document contains information about a history of brass and woodwind musical instrument production in the Czech Republic. It is divided into two parts. The first part informs you about the city of Kraslice (trademark Amati) and by scrolling down the document you find the second part about the city of Hradec Kralove (trademark V.F.Cerveny).

AMATI - Denak's musical instruments are manufactured in cities of Kraslice and Hradec Kralove. Musical instrument making had become a tradition in both cities hundreds of years ago. Each city underwent a completely different historical evolution. Kraslice can be considered a real cradle of musical instrument production in our country, because stringed instruments were produced here first at the beginning of the 17th century.

Melchior Lorenz was the first legally confirmed musical instrument maker. In the 18th century, instrument makers of Kraslice adapted to the boom of orchestral music and aside from violin making, they had engaged in the production of wind instruments.

Technical improvements of wind instruments at the beginning of the 19th century (in which the Kraslice musical makers participated) made it easier to play and enabled better virtuosity of the players. That, in turn, had been reflected in an increased interest in playing of these instruments.

Výroba korpusů před několika desítkami letInstrument makers wanted to meet and satisfy most players' demands, thus making Austrian and French system instruments in Kraslice and from the beginning of the 19th century, musical toys as well. The first factory had been established in Kraslice as soon as in 1840 and shortly afterwards followed other ones.By the end of the 19th century there were already 11 factories in operation, which employed some 300 workers. About 500 additional people were involved in domestic production. In the city, there were 16 merchants trading musical instruments.

After the WWI, production quickly recovered. Between the two World Wars, there were 59 musical instrument manufacturers. Among the biggest of these firms were: Bohland&Fuchs, Hüller&Co., A.K.Hüttl, Julius Keilwerth, Karl Püchner, Adolf Rölz, Ant.Kohlert etc. However, during WWII, many plants ceased to exist, while others served military purposes.

In September 1945, a Cooperative of musical instrument manufacturers was established in Kraslice. And because the production of both wind and stringed instruments was anticipated, the Cooperative was given the name "AMATI".

In 1948 the entire production had been nationalized. Kraslice gradually became a center of wind and percussion instrument manufacture. At present, the assortment of wind instruments produced in Kraslice is unusually wide and made up of practically all common instruments. In Kraslice, cases are also produced for instruments, cymbals and the whole range of children's musical instruments (Orff instruments).

All instruments are manufactured from quality materials, with high level of hand craftsmanship combined with modern technology. AMATI Kraslice instruments are sought after for their excellent award-winning features, such as:beautiful, mellow sound quality, good intonation, functional reliability, perfect workmanship and very reasonable prices.

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