AAS 33

AMATI Eb Alto Saxophone /CLASSIC/, standard model made of yellow brass, bell 122mm (4.8"), ergonomically designed keywork, high F# key, leather pads with metal resonators, automatic octave key, adjustable thumb rest and key guards. Body and keywork goldlacquer.

This instrument we also produce in these options:

  • AAS 33GZ - body golden stardust lacquer, keywork goldlacquer
  • AAS 33Z - body silver stardust lacquer, keywork goldlacquer
  • AAS 33BZ - body black stardust lacquer, keywork goldlacque
  • AAS 33B - body black gloss lacquer, keywork goldlacquer
  • AAS 33SN - body silver-plated, keywork nickel-plated

Recommended case: 2315T-A

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