Amati instruments are being thoroughly tested and adjusted before expedition. However, in order to have them in a perfect long lasting condition they require easy and systematic care. By obeying such simple rules you prolong lifetime and acoustic qualities of your instrument.

Care and maintenance of brasswind instruments

Please, clean and dry wipe your instrument after each play, including fingerprints cleaning off by soft cloth for musical instruments. From time to time it is necessary to clean slides and valves.

Keep all the moving parts greased, special care has to be given to slides and rotary valves. Use special oils for valves and grease for slides that can be purchased from musical instrument stores or dealers. To grease tenons of rotary valves and piston valves use oil for musical instruments. To grease slides use grease for tuning slides. To keep every moving part greased is very important if you do not use instrument regularly. Otherwise the valves can get stuck (dry up) and can lead to a costly repair.

It is important to wash inside of the brass instrument by a warm (not hot!) soap water, if you play the instrument regularly. This way you loosen up spit sediments and avoid possible malfunction of rotary valves. Cleaner can be used on surface brass parts of instrument. During transport always protect your instrument in a case or bag.

Care and maintenance of woodwind instruments

Main parts of woodwind instrument are from top quality exotic wood that is impregnated. Impregnation, that should protect the wood from getting too humid, gets into the wood only a bit below surface and vapors out. Thus it is important to play on the instrument in order fot wood to adjust to the humidity and temperature changes.

After playing it is important to clean keywork. Get rid of humidity by cleaning the inside by cleaning mop. Please oil the instrument inside a bit each month. Oil should be put on dry wooden parts, not after playing. To inner, longitunidal hole we put only a thin layer of conserving oil for woodwind musical instruments. On a keywork please use keywork oil for saxophones and woodwind musical instruments.

Cork paneling on tenons has to be greased by deer greese or cork greese in order to put together and separate the parts easily. Please protect the instrument from too low temparature, big temperature changes, too high humidity and long term sun exposure.

After playing and cleaning put the instrument into the case or bag. Instrument has to be carried in a case or a bag.

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