AVBN 700

AMATI VANTAGE C Bassoon, short reach models with simplified and adjusted keywork to suit small hands of children and young students. Matt Lacquered finish. Rubber tubes extending into the bore. Balance holder.

Silver-plated keywork and trimmings.16 keys. High C key, covered wing joint 3rd finger hole, 2 rollers, 2 bocals.

Recommended case: 2472M-A BB

AHBN 800

AMATI HERITAGE C Bassoon with 25 keys. High C and D key, 4 trill keys, 9 rollers, automatic G ring key, double low C touch, thumb Ab key, Eb vent key, piano lock key. Balance holder with strap ring. 2 standard bocals.

Silver-plated keywork and trimmings. Matt gloss Lacquer wood finish.

Recommended case: 2472M-A BB

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